Season 1
Illuminati Corporate Logos
Columbia the Illuminati Goddess
Texe Marrs
Gaylon Ross
The Nephilim Return
Dr. Richard Guerrero
Paul H. Smith
Michael Tsarion
Michael Tsarion pt 2
Stewart Swerdlow
Alex Ansary

Scott Stevens
Rosalind Peterson
Freeman talks Chemtrails

Season 2
Program To Chaos
Alan Watt
Eric Jon Phelps
William Henry
Dr. Michael Salla
Kent Daniel Bentowski
Barry Chamish
Giorgio Tsoukalos
Isaac Bonewitz
Chronicles of Freeman
Freeman's Darkside
The Celestine Wars
Disney's World
Money Spell
The Freeman Perspective

Season 3
Anna Nicole Britney & Mind Control
Templar Origins of Freemasonry
The Sorcerers of Atlantis
The Sorcerers of Atlantis-Esozone Pt1
The Sorcerers of Atlantis-Esozone Pt2
An Afternoon with Paul Laffoley
Freeman with Paul Laffoley
Freeman in Mayaland
Esoteric Nashville

Then came Radio Freeman

Freeman Perspective:
Illuminati Corporate Logos

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In the beginning, there was Corporate Logos. This is the very first Freeman Perspective. After you see this, your world will alter forever. Corporations do have an occultic agenda. All I can say is welcome to Earth from the Freeman Perspective.

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